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Built to Last

TruCedar Steel Siding

We aim to provide the best products in the world, which means the best products for your customers, their homes, and the world.


Our metal log siding product offers the look of a rustic log home while providing maximum durability and easy upkeep. For a log home without maintenance, steel log siding by TruLog™ has a genuine wood appearance but requires no care other than an occasional rinse with the garden hose.

Authentic Look and Feel

Now you can love your home, for life…with Everlast. Available in both of the longest trending siding styles - horizontal lap siding and vertical board and batten - your home will enjoy the solid and authentic upscale residential look, for life.

Durable & Elegant Steel Siding

Steel siding from EDCO provides a natural, elegant style to your home or business that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose traditional lap, dutchlap, vertical, shake or a combination of these products, you have endless design opportunities that provide distinctive style and lasting quality to your residential home or business.

Industry Leading Exterior Products

Soffit forms the horizontal surface beneath the eaves of your house, creating a seamless connection between your siding and roof while also serving as a crucial ventilation pathway for the attic.

Siding Designed to Install Beautifully

Wausau Siding Systems is an integrated family of products that provides you with a remarkable combination of beauty, dependability, and value.

Go Against the Grain

With unparalleled performance and innovative technology, TimberTech delivers the best composite decking material.

Live. Life. Outside.

Our decking combines the beauty of natural hardwood with performance that real boards cannot match, providing long-lasting enhancement with minimal maintenance.

Nailed It

Using technology and innovation, Evolve Stone® delivers a high-performing, beautiful stone veneer that is simply installed with a finish nailer.

High-Quality Buiding Materials 

Specializing in offering decking, railing, and accessories to the pro lumber dealer trade. We strive to provide only the top-quality products available in our field.


Trust our durable, reliable, steel and aluminum products built on a
spirit of innovation and tailored to meet your unique needs.

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