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A Few of Our Suppliers


We are a family-owned roofing/supplies company established in 2012 in Harrison AR. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with high-quality products and superior customer service.

Superior Customer Service

High-Quality Exterior Metal Products


We offer a full line of high-quality metal working tools, accessories, and construction supplies to help you complete your project in a professional, efficient way. We at Bowser's Metal Supply are your one stop facility for helping you complete your roofing, siding, and steel building projects in a timely manner, to your satisfaction.

Premium Quality 

We at Bowser's Metal Supply LLC try to keep product quality as one of our top priorities for our customers. We strive in every way we can to purchase steel products that are Made In The USA  and deal with reputable supply companies that uphold the same standards. All of our products are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry simply because these manufacturers care about the products they produce and want to offer the highest quality, maintenance-free products to you, the customer, for the exterior of your home or structure. Not all metal is created equal, that is why we primarily choose steel that has a thicker substrate and thicker paint finishes which we now offer with an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty. Choosing quality pays in the long run and that is why we want to offer roofing, siding, or steel buildings that will last our customers a lifetime!  

Same Day Pick-up

*for Metal Building Products

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